Short Sales


In these difficult and uncertain financial times, many of us have heard of short sales…whether it was while house hunting or in witnessing friends, family, or colleagues dealing with tough times. A short sale is when a mortgage lender will accept less than the full amount owed to them when a property is sold. Usually, the lender will accept the short sale to avoid the time and expense of a foreclosure. Many people are upside down on their loans, meaning they owe more than their property is worth – this can be due to many reasons: tough market, lost jobs, a death in the family, or a different type of hardship that have made it tough to sustain a mortgage combined with other financial obligations. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients both on the side of buying short sales and also with those short selling their properties. As a realtor who not only markets the properties for sale, but personally negotiates with the lender – I understand how tough and frustrating the process can be. This is why my goal is to take as much stress out of the situation as I can and work with the banks on your behalf so that you can move on to better times. If you are concerned that your home may go into foreclosure and you have not qualified for alternatives that would enable you to stay in your home, a short sale is an option you may want to consider. Please contact me today and I will be happy to discuss your situation with you. All conversations are confidential and you’re not obligated in any way.